PNGMAKET is an independently registered Subsidiary of Zacq Industries Network, so this policy is covered by Zacq Industries Network ( and

We at Zacq Industries respect each client’s right to personal privacy. Security and privacy are at the core of our business practices and product offerings; we care deeply about protecting the personal information of our customers and website visitors. We collect and use information through our website only as disclosed in this Privacy Policy.

We want our users to always be aware of any information we collect and how we use it. Our goal is to be as transparent and forthright as possible about the data we collect, with whom we share this data, and how this data is used.

We collects information during the registration process or during payment processing. The data we collect includes: user information (name, email, physical address, company name, phone number, geographic location, payment information, etc.), digital information (IP address, browser information and history, device information, meta data, certain provided social media identifiers, etc.), and information from other sources (publicly available information, information you provide at seminars, information you consent to be provided to us by third parties, etc.).

Your registration information is needed to operate the site, to provide support for your account, for statistical purposes, etc. Zacq Industries will not send you any unsolicited information, including e-mail, except as mentioned below. New Customers will receive a Zacq Industries Hosting welcome letter explaining the features provided by the service. Zacq Industries may also send periodic member letters to announce important service changes, new features, technical issue updates and news about the Service. Zacq Industries keeps your personally identifiable information private and does not share it with any unauthorized third parties.

This information is shared with members of the Zacq Industries, business partners, third party service providers, authorized users within your organization, and legal or regulatory authorities as required. The purpose of this data sharing is wide-ranging, from providing services and content, to account registration, payment processing, technical support, marketing, business communications, and more. We may disclose aggregate registration statistics in connection with our marketing activities.

What do we collect?

What we Collect:

1. User Information

  • E-mail
  • Name
  • Company name
  • Address and/or billing address
  • Phone number
  • Geographic location
  • Industry
  • Payment information

2. Digital Information

  • IP
  • Browser
  • Browsing History
  • Device information
  • Metadata (e.g., e-mail open rates, website clicks)
  • Social Media identifiers used for login to EIG products

3. Other Sources

  • Publicly available information
  • Information you provide in seminars or surveys
  • Information you consent to be provided to us from third parties

Where does data go?

Whom we share data with

  • Subsidiaries of Zacq Industries Network
  • Business partners
  • Third party service providers and vendors
  • Authorized users within our organization
  • Legal and regulatory authorities as required

How is data used?

  • To provide services and content
  • Account registration
  • Payment processing
  • Customer and technical support
  • Marketing, including customized advertising
  • Customized content
  • Business communications
  • Analytics and for statistical purposes
  • Maintain quality of services
  • Security, Compliance, and Legal reasons

For any questions regarding this notice or any of our privacy practices, you are welcome to contact us any time at or PO Box 393 Vision City.